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Art: In a different light

ALTHOUGH officially closed due to city council spending cuts, demand for exhibition space by artists means the Yard Gallery seems bound to keep re-opening. And for photographer Keith Wright, the gallery couldn't be better located.

Wright lived near Wollaton Park as a child and the series of images he's showing there now are an attempt to evoke his childhood memories of walking among the trees on the estate.

Wollaton Park's trees – their size, beauty and variety – are its prized natural possession but, in Wright's photography, the memory of them are hazy and colours and other details have been altered by the mind over time.

"The photographs have been constructed to contain a dream-like quality and demonstrate that, as with all memories, the details often become obscured, forgotten or idealised," he says.

Wright's last local exhibition of photography was also an attempt to get to grips with portraying the natural world, the subject being Forbes Hole nature reserve, near Long Eaton.

Here Wright's images saw the reserve's wintry trees and reeds through a highly stylised hazy filter, as if the lens itself was lined with frost.

A look through Wright's back catalogue shows he takes a similarly bold approach to photographing other kinds of natural textures.

His next show, with his wife Justine Nettleton, a landscape painter, will be held in February 2010 Wright at the National Forest Art Gallery, in the Conkers centre, Derbyshire. Meanwhile, In a Different Light can be seen until December 27.