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Wright's Outside offers wintry pleasures

Wright's Outside offers wintry pleasures
by WAYNE BURROWS - Tuesday, September 2, 2008
Keth Wright
Local artist and photographer Keith Wright's visits to the Forbes Hole nature reserve in Long Eaton provided the basic material for the series of images in this show. They draw on traditional landscape painting, with each panel built up from atmospheric layers of muted colour, though the methods are firmly rooted in photographic and digital technology.

The effect of these manipulations suggest reeds glimpsed through layers of frost, or trees reflected in frozen water, but Wright frames these carefully observed plays of light and shadow inside often abstract compositions. The full series offers a wintry spin on Monet's eternally lush water lilies, suggesting that the icy ponds at Forbes Hole are Wright's personal equivalent of the famous garden in Giverny.

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