About My Work


I am drawn to marks and patterns that have been created naturally or by mistake. Even the most mundane road, wall or pavement can contain beautiful colours, patterns and design. In situ these can be missed or ignored as they form only a small part of the visual information our eyes and mind experience.

After spending some time seeking out and mentally recording these marks. I realised that some of the most fascinating sights were of a temporary nature and when visited again they had been changed destroyed. As a result I began to capture these markings photographically and have created a new series of work based on the images I have collected.

In this series the markings are isolated out of context with their original environment and scale. The attention is focussed on wonderful abstract shapes, colours and design. The original images have been closely cropped, grouped and composed to not only create a visually interest piece, but also ensure that the original source is not immediately obvious. As a result I hope to invoke a sense of curiosity and to inspire the viewer to look for their own discoveries out of the gallery.

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