About My Work

In a Different Light

For the series ‘in a different light’ I started by returning to a park where I spent much of my childhood. Growing up near Wollaton Park I remember spending many long school holidays exploring the 500 acres of historic gardens and grounds. The exhibition gave me a great opportunity to revisit some of my favourite areas in the park to collect the initial photographs that I have used to construct these images.

I focussed on the fantastic array of trees that can be found within the environment of this park as my main subject. In Wollaton Park or for that matter in any natural landscape I find myself drawn to the creative opportunities, shapes, textures and colours that different types of trees offer.

I followed this by incorporating other British landscape from areas such as Yorkshire, the North east and the West cost

These images are a representation of my childhood memories of family holidays and trips. Memories are not always totally clear, sometimes they are idealised, and the detail is missing or simply forgotten.
Hello red trunks